Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's been a while, but...

... I felt like I should make a post for Retribution.

So, despite there being finals week for me, I decided to test out some of the new features, specifically, the ability to buy killrights.  I was dicking around outside of Piak III Caldari Navy Assembly Plant station when I saw a Noctis undocked that had a killright on him purchaseable for 20mil.  So I decided to wait for him to return and get in a mission ship so I could follow him in my Tengu and kill him.  His noctis came back after what seemed like ages, docked up, and then sat in station for like half an hour, so I decided to sit outside station in my Manticore while cloaked and wait.

Ages later, he decided to undock, so I followed his Hyperion two jumps over to Nonni, where he warped to a mission off the gate.  Not to be deterred, I found and bought an Expanded probe launcher and seven probes with which to scan him down.  Four scans later, I had his location, and had warped to it in the Tengu, though nobody was there and dscan showed that he wasn't getting within range of the site.  I decided that in order to give him time to warp back and start shooting rats again, I would go back to Piak and grab my Manticore, fitted for limited tanking with a Medium ASB, and hoped the nerfed ASB would still keep me from dying to his drones.

Warped back to the bookmark I made, hoped he wasn't checking d-scan as I confirmed that he was in the last room of whatever mission he was running.  I warped into the room about 30km from him, and got decloaked immediately by mission rats, which meant I had to immediately power towards him and hope he didn't notice soon enough to warp off.  He didn't, and I got within overheated scram range.  Repeated ASB pulses kept the damage from the drones off long enough that, even with his reppers, he soon exploded to my torpedoes just as the charges in the ASB ran out and my shields disappeared.  I left the room in armor, coming back with the tengu to loot everything else.

I then sent a nice mail to the person who originally had the kill rights, and logged off for the day, satisfied that I had finally gotten a kill and something to actually fucking blog about.  Wooo \o/

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  1. nice! i would have lost my patience long ago. maybe i should take a lesson from this and learn some patience myself!