Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hai guise, my name's Planetary Genocide...

... and I never update this damn thing anymore.

Really, that's probably my fault.  I haven't been online as much, and what I have been online for has been turned into blogposts for the Fighter at the Gates of Hell blog... though I suppose I can always give an OOC-writeup here for anyone who doesn't really enjoy in-character pieces.  Or if you think my in-character pieces are terrible, which they probably are because I tend to not write in-character as it is.

I did manage my first highsec ransom though (this is going to be on Gates of Hell later, depending on when MB decides to work through the backlog), which is a bonus.  Flying around Minnie highsec, I decide to visit the starter system of Hadaugago for shits and giggles.  First day, I faced off against some duder in a t1-fit Rifter who wanted a 1v1.  Kicked his ass and gave him his stuff back, had a nice chat in local, no big deal.

The next day, I visited a belt and saw a dude mining into a jetcan in a Scythe... of course, I had to flip him, and he immediately warps out, in such a hurry to get away from me that he even leaves his three mining drones on the field.  I grab those, and dick about when he comes back.

In a Hurricane.

Uh oh.  I leave for the station, when a battleclinic check shows a shitfit cane loss.  I head back to the belt just as the Cane lands on the station, warping to the can that I had bookmarked.  Sure enough, the dude comes back... in a Mammoth... which proceeds to flip the ore back and align to warp out.  Hoping he doesn't have warp stabs fitted and giving him a bump for good measure, I light him up and he explodes. Wreck is looted, shot the rest of it that I couldn't take, and I proceed to laugh to myself for a good minute.

Until he lands again in the Hurricane, which makes me laugh a little bit more, especially once I realize that he's rocket/medarty fit with no webs.  I beat down the shields and start in on his armor, when he convos me telling me that I've won and offers a 10m ransom.  That's obviously not enough for a Cane, and a couple of rockets urges him to up his offer to 50mil, which I accept and let him go.

It was a pretty productive day that day, I think.  I also managed to sell my Tornado BPO for more than I bought it for, so that combined with the ships I had made from it on the day it came out means I've finally turned a huge profit.  I still have the Talos BPO, so if anyone's interested in that, or knows someone who is, drop me a mail and we can work out details.



  1. Wow you can flipped a noob. That must have taken some balls....

    1. Wow, an anonymous comment criticizing my playstyle. That must have taken some balls too. We should form a club. Except I don't know who you are so I can't add you to the roster. :(

      To tell you the truth, my good sir, I nearly crapped my pants twice. And I'm glad I didn't.