Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting back in the swing of things

So, after having resubbed via PLEX using Hours for PLEX a couple days ago, I decided to finally kiss highsec goodbye.... for the most part... so after August 8th and the 1.2 patch i'll officially be not giving a fuck about sec status.  I've joined up with the badasses of the Black Rebel Rifter Club and can hopefully live up to the name.

"But PG," I hear, "why after August 8th?"

Well there's the matter of the patch increasing the material requirements for Procurers, which has driven the price up considerably.  I bought a BPO and enough minerals for 100 of the things, since right now they cost 2.5mil at Jita prices to build.  it'll take 5.5 days to build all 100 of them, but once the prices change to reflect increased costs i'm going to sell them for massive profit.  Even if I sold them now I'd make a profit, and that's including the BPO cost.

But just because I'm still in highsec doesn't mean I can't go ahead and ruin someone's day.  I'm currently based in Jakanerva (closest available factory slots with no wait time to Jita), which as a .7 Caldari system has its fair share of new players mining the belts.  I fitted up a Rifter on my last trip to Jita and brought it back with me, thinking to have fun with the locals.

It took a while to get back in the swing of things, but eventually I remembered how to open D-scan, find non-renamed Retrievers, and narrow them down to a particular belt.  A bit of fumbling about with the Unified Inventory and suddenly, Sizter Sinister's jetcan was mine.  Unfortunately, he pulled his three Hornet I's and warped out.  :(

So I went to another belt where a Hulk, a Retriever, and an Itty III were loitering about, clogging up the spacelanes with their damned "livelihood".  They too had Hornet I's, which somehow in my mind made me think all of them plus Sizter were the same corp, even after I had checked manually.  Derp.  They all warped out too, but Sizter had a Rifter on scan so I warped back to where his can was, saw the Rifter was rockets + 125mm's, and charged.  He warped again :(

Just as I warp off to go to another cluster of belts, "Sizter Sinister's Thrasher" appears on d-scan.  I come back and a noob-named Hookbill is there as well... this is where I learned that Sizter was not in the same corp as the other three, when the hookbill locked me up and the thrasher put arty fire into the side of my poor frigate.  I warped off, docked to restore shields, and found out that corp aggro was due to run out in a minute but I still had 15 minutes of aggro on Sizter, so the hookbill couldn't interfere.  So I undocked after corp aggro worked up, warped to the belt, and charged at Sizter with Barrage and CN Scourge rockets loaded for bear.

The Hookbill aggroed me and I didn't see a CONCORD message :( but then his pod appeared a couple seconds later and I was all sadface that I didn't get on the mail.  The thrasher was a close fight because I was stupid and orbited at barrage range instead of switching ammo and orbiting close, but I don't care because with the judicious application of overheating and a couple of overheated rep cycles the Thrasher exploded gloriously with me at 70% structure.

I even took a picture.  for posterity.

A good start in my return to space.


  1. The first kill upon your return; NOW I can say "Welcome back".