Friday, January 13, 2012


Over my winter break (which is set to end in a few days, I'm already back in the dorm because I have stuff to do on campus sunday and I had left my second monitor there), I looked through some of the market data and production shit for T1 stuff and came to the conclusion that with the exception of the Tier 3 battlecruisers, current mineral prices (highest buy order in my region, which is lower than the buy orders in Jita or Dodi) mean that making T1 shit is just not profitable enough in the volumes I'm working with, even with researched-to-optimal BPO's. As such, I stopped putting up buy orders for minerals and am putting any sort of T1 production on hold until I can get a Hulk alt or something to use for this sort of thing.

Instead, I've turned back to Invention and run a couple numbers for myself, and have come to the conclusion that I want to start producing Scourge Fury Missiles again, because fuck yeah Tengus and Drakes and carebears who fly both. It turns out that the T2 component used in them (Graviton Pulse Generators) cost quite a bit more than it would take to buy the moon goo and blueprints and build it myself, so I decided to go shopping and picked up the following:

Graviton Pulse Generator Blueprint Original: 4,500,000.00 ISK
Nanotransistors x 10,000: 60,000,000.00 ISK
Titanium Carbide x 110,000: 12,960,200.00 ISK
Phenolic Composites x 34,000 (meant to buy 35k, oops): 24,795,235.30 ISK
Plasmoids x 15,000: 4,769,850.00 ISK
Watching my wallet drop by just over 107mil total: disheartening.

I was so close to 2bil at once, too! And now I"m down to 920mil because I paid 882mil collateral so that I could research an Orca BPO for someone. At least I'll get that back, plus an Orca at cost. :D

So anyways, after picking everything up and either ferrying it back to Scheenins myself or having Red Frog move it, I decided to put in some invention jobs. Except I could only put in one because I had several copying/ME research jobs going already and I don't have a research alt because I'm IRL poor. Fuck. Once I threw in the invention job, I tabbed over to Excel and built a spreadshit:

To clarify, the numbers on the Rocket Fuel are the cost of the Plasmoids used per unit + export tax for the Rocket Fuel itself. I'll get to the import tax thing later.

So anyways, right now, I have the Graviton Pulse Generator researching to ME10, which should save me 2 whole Titanium Carbide per run (yay!) and thus an increase of 100k profit per 10-run BPC (yay!). Also, I don't include invention costs since A. I've already paid off the interface, and B. I have two research agents that produce both Electronic Engineering and Rocket Science datacores for me, which means I'm not paying for those. \o/

I think the limiting factor for me on this production right now is the amount of Rocket Fuel I can produce per day, since I'm doing highsec PI for this cause I'm a lazy scrub who doesn't want to go to lowsec and have to haul everything between systems. At any rate, with current Jita buy prices, my spreadshit tells me I make 22.28mil profit per BPC, which I'm rounding down to 22mil even to account for the PI import taxes on Plasmoids and Electrolytes, and taxes in market, plus any other stupid shit little fees that I usually overlook. However, since I"m having Red Frog haul my shit up for me, which cuts about 8mil out of the profit per haul I make, I'm going to be moving massive numbers at once so that I don't have to pay 8mil off every single bpc I run.

Only time will tell if I can keep this going and make a profit, but it's a start. 5 BPC's should put me at about breaking even after buying the materials I did, and those materials will last much longer than just 5 BPC's... not bad for a lazy-ass industrialist who hates effort.

EDIT: Research on the GPG BPO has put my costs down a little more, and now I have 10k extra each of Phenolic Composites and Titanium Carbide.. I can use the Phenolics on the actual scourge fury BPC's though so yay for me! Also, I realized that there's a lava planet one jump over that I can use to mass-produce Plasmoids, so I'm going to do that instead of buying it. yay again!


  1. You need to calculate all costs to get a real feel for how much you're making and not exclude items you get for "free" because you used mining/research agents/planetary interaction to get it. You could be selling all the items you collected yourself and possibly making more money if you just sold them on the market and not used in making items. Time is money and is /not/ free.

  2. Haha, I know that. I just didn't want to go to the :effort:. I'm making money either way, not going to worry about hypothetical "what if i sell these instead of using them to make shit"

  3. [not related to this post in particular, but...]
    In an interesting turn of events, I did a search for your name to find this blog (couldn't remember the url for certain). Google didn't turn up the result in the first few pages. Bing has it at the top. And google runs blogspot...